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DNS Hosting discount rates

Our prices are per domain per year.

1st month   FREE FREE
0-5 $ 4.00 $ 8.00
6-20 $ 3.40 $ 6.80
21-50 $ 2.90 $ 5.80
51-100 $ 2.50 $ 5.00
101-500 $ 2.10 $ 4.20
501-1.000 $ 1.80 $ 3.60

Do you have more then a 1.000 zones? Contact us

New zones are free of charge for the first month!

How the price per domain is calculated

The price per domain is calculated by the number of domains that are currently active. Active means:
  • The domain is not expired
  • The NS records of the domain are set to PowerDNS.

When is the discount applied

When a domain is about to be renewed, we sum the number of all domains that are active at that moment. This number determines the price per domain.

Example 1

You sign up for PowerDNS on March 1, 2010 and add 20 (new) domains. 
The first month is for free, so these domains will have to be renewed at April 1st, 2010. 
You will then have 20 active domains resulting in a renewal price of $ 3.40 per domain.




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