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Why we've build PowerDNS Hosting

DNS Hosting the easy way?

As early as 1999 we've started providing our easy-to-use DNS layer on top of the excellent PowerDNS software.

We, being Trilab New Media ventures, we're faced with the day-to-day management horror of many of our, ever increasing, list of domains. Soon it became clear that we were not the only online company with this problem and we decided to start of with a simple and basic DNS Hosting solution. 

In the past 13 years PowerDNS Hosting has steadily grown and our goal is to keep this the way it is. Easy, fast and affordable DNS hosting.

About the PowerDNS Hosting Service

This service is our implementation of a webbased DNS wizard connected to our PowerDNS versatile and flexible nameserver. You can manage multiple domains using our wizard driven web interface.

Because PowerDNS is wizard driven even non technical people can very easily manage their domains. You can change the destination of your domains in a matter of minutes rather than the usual hours or days it takes with most normal name servers. This flexibility means that you can change the destination of you domain as often as you want.

This service is FREE to everyone the first month. In order to transfer your domains to the powerDNS service you will need to update your current domain name server records. We have built a wizard that will help you liberate you domain from it's current name servers. In order to do this all you have to do is enter your domain name into the wizard and we will tell you where you need to go and what you need to do in order to have you domain managed by powerDNS.

How does PowerDNS Hosting work?

PowerDNS Hosting works by combining the speed and reliability of DNS with the power and extensibility of a relational database. This means that your domains are served by a Database and not a single set of Zone files.


PowerDNS hosting can provide you with better performance than your current DNS server because we can employ more processors and computers if needed, whereas normal DNS server do not have this ability.


By leveraging existing and new technologies, PowerDNS is able to quickly provide you or you with everything to handle huge amounts of domains, or just one, with incredbile flexibilty and easy of use. Compared to nameservers currently in use, the difference is staggering.


For example BIND (the system used by most name servers) is not geared towards handling thousands of domains, and is configured using arcane text files which need to be edited by hand, which can be error-prone. The NT nameserver is quite easy to use, but does not scale to large armounts of domains, and lacks many essential features. A single PowerDNS server can handle over 15.000 DNS queries/second, for up to 1 billion domains and is far quicker powerDNS than a normal DNS server.

Ease of Use

PowerDNS provides you with a web based interface to aid simple and easy management of DNS information.

Speed of Updates

Using PowerDNS updates made to your DNS details will be propagated across the internet in seconds. Compare this to hours of even days that other solutions need.

Cost Effective

All DNS responsibilities are handled by PowerDNS so you will have no hardware or software requirements.


The PowerDNS nameserver has been designed with security in mind. All DNS questions are filtered and tested for RFC standard compliance before they are further processed by the server.

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